Thursday, 7 February 2013

Kestrel again !

Following on from my last post and the rewarding photo opportunity I had of the Kestrel with the Vole in its beak, I was surprised again today with what I believe to be the same bird in the same spot as the day before no Vole this time but allowing me another couple of shots.Its obviously good hunting ground around the feeding station,here's a couple of pics.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Capture in the morning sun

A frosty walk down to the pond this morning but at least I had a little sun on my back,the feeding station was quite busy but most pleasing of all was the increase in Tree sparrow numbers counting up to twelve on my walk down to the public hide.Curlew were next to catch my eye up to twenty off to my right in the flooded field and twelve to my left in the sheep field ,nothing of any note from the hide other than a pair of Canada Geese eying up the island as a poss nesting site.
At the members hide there was one lone Cormorant drying of on the wooden stakes and just as I was closing the shutters two Shellduck landed further down the pond to my right,the highlight of the morning came just as I approached the metal gate to leave the reserve this Kestrel flew onto the old post with his/her breakfast (I only managed one shot).