Thursday, 31 January 2019

Trying to save me patch

What I really mean is the most picturesque and productive part of my patch,as some of you will know by my blog I live in Holywell village ( part of which is a conservation area) and an area of natural beauty.This may soon change if planning permission is granted for an out door horse riding arena on the flood plain area adjacent to the burn in holywell dene see plan.

                                                             The view at present

This view shows the proposed arena area shaded in blue which continues to the right (out of shot) the red spot is where the roe deer hind is standing when i took the shot below.

As most of you will know the burn itself forms what you might term as a super highway for deer and otters commuting between Big water NR, Gosforth park NR,Holywell pond and Seaton Sluice. Lets not forget its also a good place if not the best place in Northumberland to watch Dippers in the  burn in fact one nest of Dippers is less than 100 met away and this development will probably devastate this pair who raised 3 young last year.

                                  One of the two breeding pairs of Dippers along the burn

                  Dog Otter in burn not 15 met away from prop development ( pic taken last year).

The arena can accommodate up to a max of 13 horses as I understand it ,all this movement within 15 met of the burn and along the length indicated in pic will have a devastating effect on all wildlife in this area. 
It is stated that the surface of the arena is to be a mixture of sand and fibre, the amount needed to cover the area I have shown runs into hundreds of tons and will cause irreversible damage to the flood plain not to mention what will wash off into the burn when it floods (even more likely with global warming) what effect will this have on the burn ?

I feel I have to put this last picture in as it was taken in the middle of me writing this post.

Nine Roe deer directly behind prop development  1-22pm 31/01/2019 wound't it be a shame to possibly loose all this.

If you feel you would like to register your comments please see below.

                             Manor House Stables Holywell Northumberland ne250lb
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                                                         Thank you all in anticipation


Tuesday, 1 January 2019

Snow on New Years Day!

A refreshing walk along to St Marys on New Years morning in the hope of taking a few shots of the Snow Bunting if they were still present.It was really rewarding finding them but wasn't straight forward and took me a while but I did find them on a grassy bank with a low weak sun on their backs and managed a few shots.

 I stepped aside after a while as others arrived with scopes and cameras watching them feed in the short grass bank only  moving when the odd dog got a bit too close ,still quite tolerant of people that made for a real nice New Years morning.


Seeing Red.

A trip on a rather nice morning up to the Durham border in the hope of finding red squirrels which we had been told were relatively tame and didn't mind the odd camera or two.Following the directions given we arrived at the place marked on the map to find two people laying down and cameras pointed at a moss covered log. I have put food on the log said one of them wait a while and they will come ( so we waited ) and they didn't come,I could see three reds playing about on some fallen trees in an area which was far too dark for the odd shot .We will give it an hour says I as the wind was picking up and bringing the cold with it ,then came a shout there's one behind you!!.
"Where have I heard that before"

It made good use of the tree stumps as vantage points and didn't stay very long before scampering off to play with his mates but we managed a few shots before the wind and cold got the better of us and back to the car, I think we will be making a return visit.

Thanks for looking 

Happy New Year.

Thursday, 20 December 2018

back garden and bigwaters

There has always been Pheasants over our rear garden wall but its a long time since I have seen one as bonny as this,in fact there are two of them both are identical may be brothers perhaps??. quite striking plumage.

Bigwaters last week 

A dull grey morning greeted us with little of note on the water,turning our attention to the feeding station we had a brief visit by a solitary SiskinYellow hammers and Bullfinch were present in good numbers with the rest of the local suspects adding to the mornings outing.

                                                              Thanks for looking

                                                       Merry Christmas everyone.

Tuesday, 23 October 2018

Forgotten Post

Loch Ken was our starting point,and a trip to Ken Dee Marshes did not disappoint with the odd red kite overhead ,willow tit, nuthatch ,and a couple of red squirrels which are always a pleasure to watch.

As we made our way along the loch we stopped to watch some very professional anglers enjoying their match.

The Rhinns of Galloway was our final destination and I certainly did not expect to see this bird on the camp site,                                               put ya glasses on      Sun glasses that is.

Apparently this bird has been frequenting this site for the last two/three years,a small number of these Golden Pheasants were released in the Galloway area a number of years ago according to the RSPB.
A trip to Port Patrick is always nice where the Black Guillemots are the stars in the harbour

                                                          Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 14 October 2018

Help please

Could you call this bird a Leucistic Grey Partridge !!! photo taken today in field next to house along with six other normal coloured Grey Partridge

                                                            Shot of normal birds.

                        I would be pleased to hear any comments you may have regarding the above.

                                                                           Thanks  Joe.

Last week on the Moss

Leighton Moss that is.
Not the best of weather which is kind of normal for one of our outings.
Black-tailed Godwits were present in large number and put on some good shows here,s a few pics from the week.

Having spent a morning waiting for the bearded tits the previous day (no show)we were rewarded on day two with a pair coming for grit.

To be fair we were a little early for the grit trays as there were still plenty of insects about,as we only saw two separate pairs over the week.
Not a lot to see on our last day other than Godwits and lots of dragonfly's however our last walk round in the last hide produced this rather smart looking stag.

The stags headset is a twelve pointer which makes it a Royal ??.

    look who,s watching!!!