Sunday, 24 March 2013

Sizergh's Hawfinches

Tuesday morning was cold, windy,and raining nothing new about that other than it was my first visit to Sizergh Castle in the hope of seeing the legendary Hawfinches I wasn't disappointed .Research had pointed me to the right area of the car park and various piles of left over seed indicated I might be in the right spot,sure enough after placing a little more seed on a mound of grass and retreating a safe distance it wasn't long before I had a single Hawfinch down feeding before flying up into the Hornbeam' s .They don't spend long on the ground but I did managed four down at one time which according to the Ranger was a first for this season,the Ranger cones of part of the car park twice a week for so as not to disturb them on his Hawfinch watch.
Thanks to the Ranger for allowing me a little closer than I otherwise would have been ,a very enjoyable ninety mins shame about the weather.