Monday, 25 January 2016

A distant Smew

My highlight of the morning on the pond today was a rather distant viewing of a female Smew(not seen one on Holywell for some time),the mandarin was still present hauling out on the island occasionally, to complete the trio was a nice pair Goldeneye.

                                                         A distant Smew

                                                  getting ready for take off

Nice to get out and get some fresh air throu the lungs again after the usual winter cold.

ps Many thanks to the gentleman who called at my door to tell me of the Smew on the pond just as I was putting it up on the blog (a very kind deed)

                                                             thanks for looking

Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Cormorant awaiting

A lunchtime visit to the pond saw this Cormorant posing on the supposed Kingfisher perch as I opened the shutters I expected it to fly off ,but no it appeared to be quite happy to stay put even when two other people opened up the other shutters.

 It was nice to meet up with Cain even tho it was rather brief always a pleasure,no sign of the Mandarin or the Slavonian Grebe this lunchtime but I did have a surprise visit from the blue flash here are a couple of poor pics.

PS new glasses coming in a couple of weeks that might help !!

                                                              Thanks for looking.

Sunday, 10 January 2016

Second time lucky

a couple of hrs on the pond on Friday morning watching Mandarin,Goldeneye,Goosander and what i thought was a Black-necked Grebe as it was quite a distance away(no excuse i know) I only had the 200mm but I rattled off a couple of record shots,when viewing them back home I realized my mistake even tho the pics were rubbish so I was really pleased to get a second chance this morning (sun) with the 500mm.

However I missed out on the reported Scaup.

                                                         Thanks fo looking.