Wednesday, 22 February 2017

Windy Wallington

Storm Doris did her best this morning to put us off our planned trip toWallington Hall,braving the wind (you could feel it getting colder ) and the fallen branches we made it to the bird hide, nothing about on arrival but it was only 7am. As things started to pick up there was a distinctive absence of red squirrels could the next two shots be the reason why!.
The next shot shows the Stoat looking up towards the squirrel feeder
What happened next left us both gobsmacked as the Stoat scrambled inside the nut feeder and stayed in there for a full two mins or more,was it there in anticipation !!!the mind boggles.

The Brambling were quite active this morning.
My first Bramblings at Wallington over the years here's a few of the locals.
We were both interested to note how much time the Tree-creeper spent pecking around on the ground.

                                                An interesting and cold stormy morning.

                                                                      Thanks for looking.