Wednesday, 29 February 2012

First Trap

I decided to put the moth trap out last night for a couple of hours for the first time this year whilst we were down the local,managed to trap two Hebrew Characters a nice looking moth and the one in the pic looked quite colorful and  fresh might have another go tonight (weather permitting).

Friday, 24 February 2012

Viewed from above

Thursday was my mate Bobs day off this week and we had decided on a trip to Harwood Forest to see if we could find the Crossbills.As usual on his day off the weather takes a dive for the worst and as we were driving up the wind was getting stronger, we came across a road kill with three Crows and a Buzzard tucking in we managed a couple of pics but they need a bit of work so will post them later.As we walked into the forest it was starting to drizzle with no sign of the Crossbills at first but we were spyed upon by this Red Squirrel who watched us all the way, of course you hear the Crossbills before you see them but they were always at the top of the tallest trees which were swaying madly in the wind only so-so pics.Heading home we called at Prestwick to see if we could see any of the remaining Owls,no was the answer to that but we did latch onto the Great Grey Shrike that seems to have returned although distant most of the time we did manage a couple of shots.Thanks to Bob for the majority of the pics below.

Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Brambling down the pond

A couple of hours down the pond being entertained by numerous Reed Buntings ,Chaffinch's and the rest of the gang ,always keeping an eye out for the Tree-creeper and a flypast by the Bittern ( alas not today) But I did have a visit by a pair of Bramblings the female was in absolute stunning condition a real treat to the eyes but she was too quick and timid for any quick pics however the male was a bit more tolerant allowing me a few pics whilst the Green-finch and the Robin looked on (,just couldn't resist that robin.).

      The last half-hour or so was spent in the pleasant company of Brian (Northumbrian Birding) who  had a glimpse of the Brambling and also picked out a distant Goosander and an even more distant Buzzard that he trained his digi-scope on,thanks for the crack Brian I enjoyed it.

Monday, 13 February 2012

Still playing !

Still trying to get the feel for my new lens so I thought I would take myself along to the Park and try it out on the usual suspects,a bit dark and dismal to start but got better as the morning went on.No sign of the Jay but they are making brief and timid visits I was told nevertheless the black rabbit ran across when I was setting up "maybe that's the same as a black Cat or one Magpie Mmmmm",anyway here's a few pics of the locals.

Sunday, 12 February 2012

Holywell Bittern

A quiet afternoon trying to get to grips with my new lens on an unsuspecting Tree-creeper was quickly interrupted with the shout of "Bittern" and get a record shot of that ,this new toy is not something I can throw around that easily and yes it was" crap" but nevertheless a record shot and a patch tick for the lads in the hide.