Wednesday, 15 February 2012

Brambling down the pond

A couple of hours down the pond being entertained by numerous Reed Buntings ,Chaffinch's and the rest of the gang ,always keeping an eye out for the Tree-creeper and a flypast by the Bittern ( alas not today) But I did have a visit by a pair of Bramblings the female was in absolute stunning condition a real treat to the eyes but she was too quick and timid for any quick pics however the male was a bit more tolerant allowing me a few pics whilst the Green-finch and the Robin looked on (,just couldn't resist that robin.).

      The last half-hour or so was spent in the pleasant company of Brian (Northumbrian Birding) who  had a glimpse of the Brambling and also picked out a distant Goosander and an even more distant Buzzard that he trained his digi-scope on,thanks for the crack Brian I enjoyed it.

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