Sunday, 10 January 2016

Second time lucky

a couple of hrs on the pond on Friday morning watching Mandarin,Goldeneye,Goosander and what i thought was a Black-necked Grebe as it was quite a distance away(no excuse i know) I only had the 200mm but I rattled off a couple of record shots,when viewing them back home I realized my mistake even tho the pics were rubbish so I was really pleased to get a second chance this morning (sun) with the 500mm.

However I missed out on the reported Scaup.

                                                         Thanks fo looking.


  1. Nice images Joe. it was very quiet this morning just the usual locals. managed to see the Mandarin way off on the island but no grebe .

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  3. Thanks for that olive,sorry you missed the grebe also forgot to mention wellies !!!