Friday, 30 December 2011


 My first visit to this local reserve on Wednesday with my mate Bob proved quite productive,after enjoying a good hour at the feeding station we moved on to one of the hide's which had two people with v/large lenses poised at the ready for a bittern which had just been seen in the reeds to our right.We listened to them for a while saying how well the Bittern was camouflaged and the auto focus would only latch on to the reeds (rings a bell )before we move to another hide which we had all to  our-self, opening the shutters there was no birds evident other than a pair of cormorants way off in a large tree i then caught site of a brown bird flying across from my right Bittern i shouted just as it stated to go down in the reeds i managed a couple of shots not great but nice to get one in flight. 

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