Sunday, 16 December 2012

My own murmuration !

Looking out of my bedroom window this morning watching the sunrise over Whitley Bay and Tynemouth a Cormorant circled a couple of times before landing down by the burn closely followed by a Grey Heron ,the burn is running high and coloured at the moment so one wonders how they are finding food in that.This behaviour seems to be the exact opposite of kingfisher strategy who tend to move onto lakes and ponds when the rivers are up and coloured,lifting my head I watched the Kestrel hovering over the stubble field opposite and diving a couple of times before catching and flying off with prey.
As it looked like being a nice day (light wise) I thought I would try my hand at back garden Photography having got my own small Starling murmuration  here's a few pics.

                                   And of coarse we cannot miss out the garden master
                                                                          can we !

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