Friday, 24 April 2015

Lady in Red

A week away in the lakes saw this young lady touring around the site almost daily,this shot shows her lady bits off a bit more and she could possibly have Kits ?
Sitting in the back garden with a morning cuppa the other day when I was buzzed by what I thought was a couple of Bees they were heading for our Aubretia plant which is in full flower,as I watched them I realized I was wrong they turned out to be Bee Flies here`s a quick shot as they didn't stay long.
Finally after a tip-off from Cain about the American Wigeon on Holywell Pond I decided to have a wander down after tea to see if it was still present,it was hard to spot at first laying low behind a tussock of grass and not looking like moving,however it was startled by a Magpie which made it stand up only to show that it's a little lame although at distance and in fading light I did manage a record shot.

                                                             Thanks for looking

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