Wednesday, 19 August 2015

White Woodpigeon

For two and a half months this bird has eluded me only giving me brief glimpses and always too far for my lens, but this morning my wait was over as I looked out of my upstairs window there it was standing out in the small flock feeding in the field I had to take the shot from upstairs window for fear of disturbing it.
I have never seen one like this before I would assume Leucism is the cause of the white pigmentation ? nevertheless a very smart bird.
 My morning visit to the public hide at holywell was also quite productive with  Common Sandpiper ,Green Sandpiper and Dunlin not forgetting the mentalWater-rail that does a lot of jumping up and down in search of flies it would seem and running backwards and forwards in front of the hide ,but the highlight this morning was two Kingfishers always nice to see around the pond shame they never sat together.

                                           Thanks for looking.

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