Friday, 18 December 2015

Otterwell Pond

I Slowly approached the members hide this morning squinting thru the viewing screen to see if the elusive Kingfisher was on the perch. Instead I was confronted with Otters three in front of the hide,I watched from a distance at first before slowly moving closer. I watched them for a good five mins before movement off to my right caught my eye and there was a fourth Otter feeding on its own before joining the rest and moving towards the middle of the pond eventually loosing sight of them on the north bank.,Holwell is certainly living up to its nickname now as Otter numbers are on the increase.

Gosforth Pk
Wednesday morning with my mate Bob was fruitless from the new hide with nothing of any note so we retired to the feeding station where I managed a couple of decent shots before packing up early due to Bob not feeling too good.

                                                        Thanks for looking.

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