Friday, 2 December 2016


As my mate and I were only having a morning out  we decided to visit Far Pasture. We had  quite a wait  for the sun to get above the trees and give off some reasonable light. A lone Signet patrolled the open water and the Water Rails were quite active around the fringes of the pond  a distant Red Kite caught our eye, then two, then three.  As they got closer two of them landed in the trees opposite one of which was displaying a white and blue wing tag with the number 76 on its left wing .
No tags on these shots tho.

            My research into the white wing tag with the blue stripe on the bottom indicates the bird was tagged in the midlands in 2001 or 2010 i presume the number 76 would indicate which year ,a lot of Kites in the wild can live well into there teens( given a fair wind).

The following shots are from our previous visit.

And don't forget the car park !!

And finally this little fellas never far away.

thanks for looking.

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