Wednesday, 6 August 2014

Campfield Marshes

Staying on the Solway Coast for a few days we squeezed in a trip to Campfield Marsh between the showers as we made our way along the board walk it was nice to see good numbers of common lizards scurrying back onto the marsh,then we encountered this rather large larva making its way across the board walk.

Emperor Moth Larva
We would have liked to have seen this rather stunning moth itself but we are well past its flight season, we saw plenty of these on the walk believed to be the Round-Leaved Sundew.
 Unfortunately by this time we had to make a hasty retreat having not armed ourselves with insect repellent and now sporting not 1 not 2 but 3 rather nasty bites we made our way back to base camp.
Next day after downing the antihistamine tablet we thought we would try our luck for the Black Darters on Drumburgh Moss weather was rubbish as you would expect but we managed a couple of takers.

The day after we arrived home my son brought this Vapourer Moth Larva round saying it had dropped on him as he was pruning some shrubbery

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