Sunday, 17 August 2014

From this an Elephant !!

 Walking back from the allotment this morning with head bowed for the wind i caught site of this very large caterpillar making its way along a fence board,not knowing what it was there and then although i was suspecting some large type Hawk moth i gathered it up and took it along home.
Rather snake like in appearance and measuring a good three inches (in old money) it turned out as expected and is indeed  Elephant Hawkmoth Larva coincidentally i had five Elephant hawk moths in the trap four weeks earlier along with two Poplar Hawk Moths.
   Elephant Hawk Moth
Poplar Hawk Moth

I seem to be coming across large moth larva this year only two weeks ago i found an Emperor moth larva reported on my previous blog.
Head shot of the snake . 

Thanks for looking.

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