Thursday, 3 September 2015

Crap Weather

Arriving at Cresswell you could sense that we were in for a bad time with water levels as high as I have ever seen, rain, north winds and whipped up brown foam in front of the hide meant a hasty retreat was on the cards( without even opening the shutters ).
Off to Druridge pools next it can't be any worse than Cresswell or so we thought ,the only difference was there was no whipped up foam but we did open the shutters( only two tho) sightings matched the weather with 1 Black Tailed Godwit  and 1 Little Egret however the Otter came out to feed and kept us entertained for a good hour here's a couple of well cropped images from today.


                                                       Thanks for looking.


  1. Great Otter images Joe. Pleased you were rewarded with something. Both Cresswell & Druridge were brilliant up until we had that heavy rain a couple of weeks ago, sadly the mud's all gone. It doesn't help that the Trust hadn't cut any reeds / grass in the areas for a while when it was there last week.

  2. Thanks for that sir,Perhaps the farmer and his tractor on the channel might be the answer!! Or would that be a it drastic