Monday, 28 September 2015

Leighton Moss (part two)

It was down to the sea hides next with the Eric Morcambe hide being a particular favourite,once again reed cutting the previous day was going to have its effect but hundreds of Redshank hadn't been put off  here's one coming in to land.
A solitary Dunlin in with the Redshank wasn't the easiest bird to pick out
This next bird really takes the biscuit as being the most scruffiest bird I have put in front of my camera for a long time Water Rail perhaps!!
Moving off the bird scene there were lots of these guys flying around
And finally I have to put these up as being one of my favorite Fungi Shaggy Inkcap going in to meltdown
A close up of the above showing the caps going into meltdown I don't suppose there will be much left come tomorrow ?.

                                                    Thanks for looking.

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