Friday, 20 October 2017

A Gosforth Morning

Had an early start on Wednesday maybe even too early as it was pitch black walking up the track, I was startled by a couple of deer crossing the path only feet in front. Sitting in the hide watching the morning unfold I saw a dark shape drop into the reeds just off to my right it turned out to be my first glimpse of an Autumn Bittern, light levels were improving as a swan and six signets passed thru then the fishing began !

 First the Kingfisher he came back for more.
 then the Cormorant didn't take long to down this(Roach / Rudd )
     Sixteen more Cormorants were perched in the tree opposite its not going to take these guys long to empty the pond ,two more sightings of the bittern ,little grebes ,water-rails etc not a bad couple of hours at the park. 

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