Thursday, 15 March 2018

Far pastures

A cold frosty morning is what greeted us along with a frozen lake,as we opened a couple of windows in the hide  peered through the bins the place appeared to be devoid of life.
It didn't seem worthwhile unpacking the camera (I thought) then I heard a couple of bursts from my mates camera I walked across the hide to see what he was shooting at ,and there was one of Britains top predators  MINK I think that explains why there was nothing about.

                                  The above pictures are by kind permission of my mate Bob .
we stayed a while longer watching red kites in the distance one carrying nesting material before moving on to the hide in Thornley woods.Three people in the hide when we arrived closely followed by another lady photographer who went out and recharged the feeding area with fat cake smeared on the logs and tree stumps.We spent an hour there watching the main takers of the fat cake pics below.

                                                                 Thanks for looking


  1. Sadly both those sites in the Gateshead area are not what they used to be Joe. All those sites went downhill when Gateshead Council decided they couldn't afford the wildlife rangers that they had. Must be 7/8 years ago now. Such a shame. Never good when you see a Mink !!!!

  2. Your quite right Johnny ,any work done now is with a few volunteers still worth keeping an eye on them kites though as they maybe back nesting in the woodyard.quite unexpected the mink took us by surprise.

    Regards. Joe.