Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Evening on the Pond

A couple of nights ago I was at the corner of the cattle field at Holywell watching two SEOs having a bit of a tussle with three Crows,one of the owls broke off the engagement quite soon and flew off, the other owl just kept going higher and higher followed by the crows each one of the Crows would peel off in turn as the Owl kept gaining height until it was just a blip,I found this quite fascinating as I had never seen Owls go to such heights before.Today I thought I would try for a photo of the owls arriving a bit soon I called in the hide to kill time and caught this fisherman trying for his supper!.
Time was getting on as I made my way to an area where I had seen a Owl land on a post in a previous visit to my surprise it was already there on the post which didn't give me anytime to get set up,the light had faded quite quickly and the bird was in the shady area of the field margin the camera seemed to struggle to focus as I upped the Iso to 3200  and a 20 sec at f6.3  700mm resting on a fence post this was my best effort after a lot of tidying up and sharpening !!.

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