Sunday, 23 September 2012

Whooper & Rail

A slow wander down the pond on this bright sunny morning ,calling at the members hide first and managing a one shot chance of this Water rail before it heard the click of the camera and legged it back into the reeds,I was quite surprised to catch it out in the open.
Back on the track and peering into the top feeding station which appears to have been taken over by a Brown rat explosion,six at first glance and I am sure there's more now that the fields been harvested,continuing down to the public hide I looked out onto a sea of Gulls all having a wash and brush up whilst waiting for the tractor to continue ploughing in the fields to the rear,just as I was about to leave this rather smart adult Whooper Swan dropped in but was soon harassed by the resident Mute Swan a very nice morning stroll.
     Tuck your trouser bottoms in lads these rats are everywhere!!.


  1. Just hooked up to your blog following conversation with Cain the other day re. Bonxie. That was a nice capture of the unfortunate Coot feeling the wrath of the Bonxie. Very interesting the behaviour of the Dabchicks. Nice account.
    Look forward to following your posts from Holywell in future.
    ...........and i'll make sure i fit my bicycle clips next time i'm down at the pond.

  2. Thanks John
    Although a bit far away it was an amazing twenty minutes to say the least.