Tuesday, 18 September 2012

Great Skua

A quiet couple of hours in the hide at Holywell came to an abrupt end with a shout from Simon of Skua coming in from the east and landing at the opposite end of the pond to the hide,after a short while it lifted and made its way towards us.
It then decided to go for this Coot catching it quite unawares and proceeded to kill it by drowning
this was a case of seconds to live !!

we saw no more of the Coot and the Skua didn't eat it either, as all this action was taking place a strange thing happened the Little Grebes started to gather encircling  the Skua two and three at fist then six and seven ending up with eighteen before the Skua took off and headed n/east (Quite a strange thing to witness)
and could this be the same bird that's been hanging around Cresswell ??.

Have just read PC Wanderings Skua'd
the Bonxie was on Holywell pond from 2-25pm untill 2-45 pm time reported on Birdguides was inaccurate due to the fact my phone clock was five mins fast which I didn't discover until later.
Hope this clears up any misunderstanding.

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