Wednesday, 24 October 2012

A Forgotten Post

Two months or so ago whilst sitting in the hide at Holywell a lady showed me some very nice photo's she had taken of the Kingfisher at Gosforth park which she said had showed very well and very close.
A few days later I decided to give it a go arriving at the park at what I thought was quite early,not so as I opened the hide door to a full house stashing my gear to the rear of the hide and just managing to squeeze onto a bench seat at the rear I was greeted with" you have just missed the Kingfisher" time and luck was on my side as the gent on my left could only give it another twenty minutes before having to leave for work.
Just as I had got myself settled in my new position this female Kingfisher returned onto a  perch which was too close for my lens,as it dived for a fish it alighted onto a different perch allowing me to get a few pics.
A brilliant morning and my closest ever encounter with a Kingfisher.

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