Thursday, 18 October 2012

Just luving the wet !!

They just cant get enough of it can they,so I thought I would publish a bit of colour just to cheer things up a bit.First up is a rather nice Southern Bracket( quite an eye catcher this)
moving through the wicket gate I noticed this( Cladonia Pyxidata ) on top
then on down to the bridge over the old line where I came across this Shaggy Inkcap just starting to ink
on my way back I called in the members hide to check on the rat population and had a count of Nil for the third day running ,these SEOs look like there doing a good job maybe the feeders will be going back up in the near future ?This little guy was keeping of the ground : ya just cant resist em can ya:.
more Fungi pics to follow in my next post from our trip over to Leighton Moss.

1 comment:

  1. FUNGI from Leighton MOSS, very clever.
    Keep the fungi coming sir, i enjoy seeing it myself and extra is nice to see. You seem to know your onions.....or Fungi in this case.