Wednesday, 10 October 2012

Scuba-ing on the Moss !! part 2

Leighton Moss is a reserve I manage to visit about twice a year but its Bearded tit population has always managed to elude me,with this in mind and hearing that they have been seen coming to the grit trays I decided to give it a go.My first visit was when the water levels were still quite high and the Kingfisher was feeding along the causeway where we were standing.We stood nearly two hours before a solitary male made his way along the reeds to the trays,I was reliably informed that this bird identified by his combination of ring colours  is a 2009 bird .
He only hung around for a few minutes and we had no more takers for the rest of the morning ,moving on to higher ground ie Warton Crag we could see just how extensive the flooding was surrounding the village of Warton .
This was the view from the road by the entrance to the car park and the second image is from the top of the Crag.
Sunday was the day we were heading home but the urge to see more of the beardie's saw me heading down the causeway for a final time the water level had dropped about 4 inches and being a bit later was met by this growing crowd
I am over the back somewhere after a bit of jostling. However the beardie's where a bit more obliging this time with the same male bringing his missus with him.


  1. Stunning birds Joe..............i enjoy hearing them "ping" just as much. Sometimes that is all i've had from the tall reedbeds.

  2. Johnny it was a real pleasure to watch them work there way through the reed stems towards the grit trays,they were pinging I was told but not on the same frequency as my two hearing aids (drat)a treasured experience tho.