Monday, 15 October 2012

On patch

A pretty quiet time on patch over the weekend I think I should have gone to St Marys instead ,however back to this morning and a call at the members hide produced this rather nice Little Grebe closely followed by the elusive Rail not a bad start.

Moving on down to the public hide saw very little movement other than a small number of Teal and two Snipe in the left corner,scanning the pond I came across a distant bird which I couldn't make out at first as it had its head resting on its back until a couple of Mallards landed raising its head it showed it self to be a female Long-Tailed Duck too distant for a pic,my attention on the duck was quickly diverted as I was inundated with S.E.Os two at first from my right then a third over the top  all hunting in the field to the side of the hide,they all seemed to catch then landed on the fence posts to enjoy their breakfast.

Its the first time I have left the patch with three S.E.Os sitting on fence posts !!.


  1. I haven't been down to Holywell for a while' how are the water levels Joe ??
    A nice thought.......sitting there with three Shorties in view.

  2. Johnny
    Water levels are quite high(not good for waders)but plenty SEOs morning or evening it doesn't seem to mater.I left at 10-30 this morning and they were still out.The cow field over the other side of the old line is also good.
    Hope this has been of some help