Saturday, 20 October 2012

More Fungi

As promised in my last post more Fungi pics ,these were taken a couple of weeks ago at Gait Barrows n/r and Eves wood n/r whilst we were on a visit to RSPB Leighton Moss.
A nice colourful one to start Scarlet Waxcap came across it as we had just left the Limestone pavement for which Gait Barrows is famous,nearly missed it as it was well hidden in the grass.

Here we have  what we believe to be the Dark Honey Fungus I've kicked myself for not taking the whole upright stump it was growing on as it was quite a sight.
further along the path we came across this stunning Fairy Inkcap (mature form) this was growing all around the tree stump,same mistake as last time we should have taken the whole stump as well as being selective (will I ever learn),
A rather nice Turkey Tail was a nice conclusion to our visit to this reserve,further along the road we entered Eves Wood n/r.
Not something you would want on your hand as these are Dead Mans Fingers a rather grisly common name.
The beginnings of a Yellow Stagshorn we think ?.
Very Rare this fungus that goes under the common name of Osram 1.50 Watts which is reputed to be wired into the local street lights and can give  of enormous heat as can be seen in the right of the picture where it has burned off the brown pigment, its light emitting characteristics are highly prized by the local elves and fairies.The camera that took the above picture is also very rare if not a one off as the mode dial has a oo setting which the camera can select at any time ,oo of coarse stands for Owner Override ( why cant it just listen to what I tell it to do ??) are you listening you people at Canon!!.
The fungi is of coarse a Birch Polypore. 


  1. I thought you had been eating some of your fungi towards the end there Joe !!!!
    Down at Holywell this morning with a Long-tailed Duck which was also spotted at the Beehive Flash later today and the other day also as i recall. Seems to be commuting. Spent 90 minutes or so enjoying views of the 3 Shorties over the waggonway. Nowt much else but a pleasant morning..........AND THE SUN SHONE.

  2. Sounds like you had the best day mate,nowt today but the sun on me back.
    ps the rats are back.